Everything You Need To Know About Gravimetric Filling Machine?

Posted by Admin on May, 31, 2024

With the use of a balance, gravimetric filling systems determine the exact weight of the fill material. Because the filling is electronically controlled and frequently programmed, a precise amount of product is consistently poured into the appropriate container. However, because most systems are manual, common problems are common, which begs the following questions:

How should I manage a 200-litre drum?

If the cost per millilitre of my product is high, how can I avoid losing money on waste?

Could each fill contain two millilitres more? How can I obtain accuracy while minimizing waste?

Could I fill three containers nearly at the same time?

Where is that drip going? Waste or mess?

And contamination—what about that?

Fluid handling vs. filling labs, ranging in flow volumes from low to mid-range (mL to L), involve both manual and volumetric led filling/dosing systems; any type of start-up lab aiming to enter the filling process; pharm-led labs (like vaccines or cosmetics); quality and testing labs involving liquids and liquid movement; technicians/production engineers or supervisors who must fill or dose a liquid; small-scale food production; and even academic labs like chemistry/chemical engineering research departments can expect to encounter these kinds of questions frequently.

Although it seems absurd in the twenty-first century, it is possible to address each of the aforementioned problems with a single system.

Meet the Gravimetric Filling System

This new setup offered by Gravimetric Filling Machine Suppliers combines an A&D series balance with a peristaltic pump. In actuality, there are 37 different balances available. A special A&D controller connects the two units, allowing the balance to control the peristaltic pump and containing all fluid movement within the pump tubing. The Gravimetric system seeks to address a wide range of issues and difficulties. These three factors indicate that you ought to be aware of this gravimetric filling system:

Solves the Common Issues of Wastage

Accuracy and repeatability are provided by the gravimetric filling system. No product is ever wasted because every drop is tracked and the container is never overfilled. To prevent overspill during filling, the balance has three modes that it uses to regulate the peristaltic pump. Since the pump can move liquid at multiple speeds, the balance takes on a mastery role.

No More Health and Safety Issues Due to Pouring

Hand pouring involves risk—not just from product loss, but also from harm to the balance. The semi-automated system benefits from and receives immediate relief from liquid containment within the tubing.

The lateral benefit of using a semi-automated system is the elimination of health and safety concerns due to the lack of manual lifting, pouring, and other manual labour. Moreover, you don't need to stay put because the gravimetric system takes care of itself. The fluids are contained within the tubing, and there is also no manual handling involved.

Up-scaling is Not a Problem

Large-volume containers may seem unsuitable for peristaltic pumps, but these pumps can go from the mid-flow L/S Series to the B/T Series, which can handle bulk fluid transfer at up to 40 LPM.

To sum up, what the Gravimetric System can provide is:

Automate the process partially.

Run multiple systems at once.

Minimize waste, lower expenses for product and clean-up

Expand process effectiveness

Reach the desired output level.

Scalability and up-scaling

Depending on the size of the pump head, the pump can accept a wide range of tubing sizes, enabling it to fill containers more quickly at higher flow rates. By increasing the pump's motor capacity and using larger-scale pumps that Gravimetric Filling Machine Suppliers supply, the pump can also be used to scale up production. Despite being initially offered as a kit, the pump, balance, and tubing can all be customized to allow for chemical compatibility with a wide range of liquids.

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